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PACAM Equity Fund

PACAM Equity Fund is a pure equity fund that invests your money predominantly in a portfolio of Nigerian companies, using a rigorous research-based system. The fund provides long-term capital preservation by investing at least 75% of the fund’s assets in a diversified portfolio of high-quality companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. To manage liquidity, the fund may also invest up to 23% in short-term money market instruments.

Asset Allocation

Asset Class Asset Allocation
Bonds & Other debt instruments 70 – 90
Other Fixed Income Securities 17 – 30
Cash 0- 3

Fund objective definition

The primary objective of the Fund is to achieve long term capital appreciation, capital preservation as well as provide a stable stream of income to investors by investing the Fund’s assets across a mix of high quality listed equities on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, investment grade Fixed Income instruments, Money Market instruments & Real Estate Assets in Nigeria.

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How to Invest

Download the Pac Fund subscription form here. Return the completed form and relevant KYC documentation to us either by email ( or to any of our offices. Upon receipt of the documents your account will be opened and we will communicate it to you.
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