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Dele Ige

The Board of Directors for PAC Asset Management Limited meets on a quarterly basis and is responsible for setting the Company’s strategic goals and evaluating overall business performance. The Board of Directors is comprised of the following individuals:

Dele holds an MBA in Finance (University of Mysore, India) he is also an Associate of Institute of Chartered Accounts of Nigeria (ICAN).

He has more than 13 years working experience in Asset/Investment Management, having worked as an Investment Advisor, Equity Analyst, Credit Analyst, Fixed Income Trader, Portfolio Manager and Client Relationship Manager.

He joined PAC Asset Management Limited in 2011 as the company was in infancy. His tireless efforts has seen the set up and licensing of PAC Asset Management Limited (PACAM) and the floating of Five mutual funds including PACAM Balanced Fund, PACAM Money Market Fund, PACAM Fixed Income Fund, PACAM Equity Fund and PACAM Eurobond Fund. Dele facilitated the setup of a fixed income trading unit to complement the firm’s funds management mandate.

He has also acquired fixed income trading experience. Before joining PAC Asset Management, he had worked with Xerox H.S. (Nigeria) Limited and Financial Derivatives Company Limited (FDC) as Equity/Fixed Income Analyst and subsequently as Portfolio Manager.

His responsibilities covered equity research, Equity/Fixed Income portfolio management both in local and foreign currency instruments.